Get comprehensive coverage with the proper limits for your home insurance today. Your home is likely the largest single investment you’ll ever make. Protect it properly with an insurance policy from the experienced brokers at HWC Insurance.

Home insurance policies are no longer just about fire or wind coverage, it is a complex agreement with numerous coverage options in the event of a loss. While today’s policies still include coverage for fire and wind, they also offer coverage for many other perils such as identity theft and overland water. And the right insurance policy will include replacement cost for the items lost or damaged.

Whether its an older home filled with a generation of memories, or a brand new, state of the art design, HWC Insurance can provide the proper insurance coverages at an affordable premium.


Important Information for home insurance

  • Insure your home to the proper limit for replacement cost coverage.
  • Water is now the leading cause of damage to homes.
  • Many companies now offer water protection packages.
  • Purchasing a higher deductible can reduce premiums.
  • Combine your home insurance with your auto insurance for additional discounts.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Don’t reduce your costs by reducing your coverage. Comprehensive policies require limits of insurance equal to 100% of the current rebuilding cost. Your investment should be valued correctly.

Overland Water

Overland water endorsement provides coverage for the overflow of water caused by heavy rain or snowmelt. Also, caused by the overflow of a river or lake.


Policy holders can experience some savings by assuming more risk themselves by purchasing higher deductibles. Also, with a good insurance history, many companies will waive your deductible for your first loss.

What does your coverage come with?

A home insurane policy includes coverages such as;

  • Dwelling – The building in which appears on the declaration page, that is occupied by you.
  • Detached Structure – covers building on your premises that are separate from the dwelling. This would include a shed, garage, or a shop.
  • Personal Property – includes contents on your premise in which you own or use.
  • Replacement Cost – pays for the repair or replacement of lost or damaged property.
  • Liability – will pay when you are legally liable to pay as a result of negligence.

Coverages at an additional expense may also include:

  • Sewer Backup – pays for the loss or damage caused by the sudden back up or escape of water from a sewer, sump pump, or septic system. (Optional)
  • Overland Water – Overland water provides coverage for the loss or damage caused by surface water entering the insured dwelling as a sudden accumulation of rain or overflow from lakes and rivers. (Optional)

Many companies will not allow you to purchase Sewer Backup coverage without having Overland Water coverage.


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