Your condominium could be a variety of different types of dwellings. From a house, to townhouses or even an apartment in the newest highrise overlooking the city. If your property is part of a group that shares common areas and other expenses, you may need condominium insurance.


Condos come in many different forms and require specialized coverages.

  • Freehold Units
  • Townhouses
  • City Highrises
  • Since most condo units are able to be renovated, coverage for those improvements may be available, making sure your policy provides that coverage accordingly is very important.
  • Loss assessment protection

Personal Property

The personal property limit on a condo policy includes your belongings and the interior of the your condo.

Betterments & Improvements

Improvements made to your unit by you are covered under your condominium insurance policy to the amount listed on the deceleration page.

Loss Assessment

Depending on the agreement with the Condominium Corporation, you could be financially responsible for a percentage of losses that occur to the exterior of the building or common areas.

What does your coverage come with?

A Condominium Insurance policy should includes the following coverages;

  • Personal Property – insuring contents owned by you in your unit, and other personal property you wear or use while on the premises.
  • Additional Living Expense – will pay for any necessary living expenses while your dwelling is unfit for occupancy, due to damage by an insured peril.
  • Betterments and Improvements – will coverage loss or damage to any changes made by you to your unit including Counters, flooring, and cabinets.
  • Loss Assessment Coverage – this will cover expenses for the replacement or repair of common areas in the condominium if the condo corporation’s policy is not enough.
  • Liability – Coverage for negligent actions.

Additional coverages can be purchased under you Condominium insurance policy such as, Identity Theft, Freezer Food, Sewer Backup, and Overland Water.


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