Your condominium could be a variety of different types of dwellings. From a house, to townhouses or even an apartment in the newest highrise overlooking the city. If your property is part of a group that shares common areas and other expenses, you may need condominium insurance.

The experienced insurance brokers at HWC Insurance are here to help explain this type of policy and to make sure you and your investment are properly covered.

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Condos come in many different forms and require specialized coverages.

  • Freehold Units
  • Townhouses
  • City Highrises
  • Coverage for Improvement to your unit
  • Loss assessment protection

Personal Property

The personal property limit on a condo policy includes your belongings AND the interior of the your condo.

Loss Assessment

Depending on the agreeement with the Condominium Corporation, you could be financially responsible for a percentage of losses that occur to the exterior of the building or common areas.

Betterments & Improvements

Improvements made to your unit by you are covered under your condominium insurance policy to the amount listed on the deceleration page.

Condominium Insurance Policy Coverage

A Condominium insurance policy should includes the following coverages;

Personal Property

Additional Living Expense

Better and Improvements

Loss Assessment Coverage

Legel Liability

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