Do not end up a statistic. Too often we hear about a fire or other disaster that occurs in an apartment building and the tenants were not insured. They have lost everything. Tenants Insurance is not expensive and can provide coverage for loss or damage to your personal belongings. As well, it provides liability coverage in case you are negligent.

In the unfortunate event of a disaster, don’t be left with nothing and no where to turn. Let the experienced insurance brokers at HWC Insurance offer a tenants policy ideal for your living arrangements.

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Do you need Tenant Insurance?

  • Are you a tenant paying rent or a student at school?
  • Tenants insurance can provide coverage if you are renting a room, an apartment or an entire house.
  • Your landlord’s policy does not provide coverage for your belongings.
  • An tenants policy will also provide coverage for any guests on the property you are responsible for.
  • Many companies offer additional discounts towards your auto insurance when you purchase property coverage such as tenants insurance.

Don't be a Satistic

The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates almost 50% of tenants are not insured. Many people who rent under value their belongings and fail to realize the importance of this minimal expense.

Understand the Risk

Not worried about your belongings? What about the possibility of being liable for damages caused by your negligence. Liability coverage is included.

It Might Be Required.

Many landlords now require tenants to provide proof of insurance before granting or renewing a lease.

Very Affordable

Most tenant policies are very affordably priced and when combined with your auto insurance carrier, can result in additional discounts to further reduce your insurance costs.

Tenants Insurance Policy Coverage

A Tenants insurance policy can includes the following coverages;

Personal Property

Additional Living Expense

Tenants Legal Liability

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