Retail & Office Insurance.

Retail – You have opened your very own retail operation. You enjoy working with others and selling your products and/or services that your believe in. This is your dream and you made it come true. But what if your storefront is robbed? What if you have a fire? Do these losses mean your dreams gone? Not at HWC. We know retail and we can protect your business so you can continue to live your dreams everyday. Business Interruption coverage, Stock coverage and Office tools and equipment coverage are just the beginning of coverages our retail packages offer.

Office – When it comes to insuring an office, there is lots to consider. How many offices do you have? How many employees work for you? How many computers do you own? Do you own or rent your space? Where do you store your electronic data? When you start to think about what you need to insure, it can seem overwhelming. But here at HWC our brokers have the knowledge and the training to ensure all aspects of your office operation is taken care of. From Privacy Breach (Cyber) coverage to Property coverage to  Loss of Income, the brokers at HWC will insure your office the right way.


So many depend on your business. Make sure it’s protected.

  • Clothing, Sporting Goods, Books & Stationary
  • Massage Therapists and Chriopractors
  • Dentists & Optometrists
  • Fruit Stands & Farmers Markets

Where do you Sell

Whether it’s from your home, and office space, or online. Protecting yourself with an insurance policy fit to your business is very important.

Clear Payment Breakdowns

There are no hidden costs or additional service fees. Our services are covered in the premiums you pay the insurance company. Insurance companies offer convenient options to pay your insurance premiums from monthly instalments to major credit cards.

Business Interruption

An insurance policy such as this can offer you coverage for you business interruption. The company will protect your business expenses until your business returns to it’s original state.

What does your coverage come with?

A Retail Office Insurance policy should include many of the following coverages:



Contents and Equipment

Privacy Breach

Tenants Legal Liability

Commercial General Liability

Business Interruption


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Let us help you protect every square inch of your retail or office space.


I need a certificate of insurance and my broker is asking for an agreement. Should I provide the agreement to the broker?

Yes. The agreement will describe the work that is to be done. By providing this, your broker will be able to confirm if your policy will cover this work. If not, your broker can advise you accordingly. As well, the agreement will specify what insurance coverages are needed in order for you to fulfill your end of the contract.

What is Tenants Legal Liability?

It is a coverage under the liability section of your commercial general liability policy that provides coverage for loss or damage caused to the rented property.

Why do I need to keep inventory of my tools and equipment?

We recommend keeping an up to date inventory list of your tools and equipment so that if a loss should occur, you'll be able to provide your claims adjuster with the exact information of what was lost.

I’m a Hairstylist, does my Commercial General Liability policy cover me as a professional?

No! You will need professional liability coverage to respond if a loss should occur while working in your profession.

Do I need cyber coverage for my business?

Yes! Any business who stores client data of any sort should have cyber coverage in place