Liability Insurance.

You have built your business from the ground up. You have invested countless hours to make your business a success. But one accident can change everything. Liability insurance can protect your livelihood from the thread of a lawsuit. Our brokers at HWC can help you insure your business with custom coverage as unique as your business.


Why Liability?

  • Liability Insurance provides coverage when you are negligent,
  • It will also defend you when you are not negligent!
  • Court settlements continue to rise – consider the the highest limits possible.
  • whether you provide a service, or just advise to your client, liability insurance is a must.

Professional Advise

Are you providing professional advise or making recommendations to your clients? Consider a comprehensive Liability Insurance policy.

Protection above all else

You may be confident in your area of expertise, but you may not be able to avoid the accusation of wrong doing. A Liability Insurance policy will protect you and help to restore your reputation.

Coach, Board Member or Volunteer?

If you are a volunteer in your community or a board member of an organization such as a church or youth sports orgainization, you should consider additional liability insurance

What does your coverage come with?

A Liability policy includes the same standard coverages as your regular auto insurance policy such as;

Commercial General Liability

Errors & Omissions

Directors & Officers


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I need a certificate of insurance and my broker is asking for an agreement. Should I provide the agreement to the broker?

Yes. The agreement will describe the work that is to be done. By providing this, your broker will be able to confirm if your policy will cover this work. If not, your broker can advise you accordingly. As well, the agreement will specify what insurance coverages are needed in order for you to fulfill your end of the contract.

What is Tenants Legal Liability?

It is a coverage under the liability section of your commercial general liability policy that provides coverage for loss or damage caused to the rented property.

Why do I need to keep inventory of my tools and equipment?

We recommend keeping an up to date inventory list of your tools and equipment so that if a loss should occur, you'll be able to provide your claims adjuster with the exact information of what was lost.

I’m a Hairstylist, does my Commercial General Liability policy cover me as a professional?

No! You will need professional liability coverage to respond if a loss should occur while working in your profession.

Do I need cyber coverage for my business?

Yes! Any business who stores client data of any sort should have cyber coverage in place