Do you complete mechanical or body repairs on vehicles owned by others? If you do, you probably have thousands of dollars invested in tools and equipment. You need the proper garage insurance coverage for your business.

The proper insurance isn’t just about tools. The right policy will cover your customers’ vehicles while you are working on them, and while they are in your care.

The experienced insurance brokers at HWC Insurance and provide a policy that offers the right coverages of your operation.

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Garage Insurance can provide coverage for;

  • Mechanical Repair of Cars & Trucks?
  • Brakes & Mufflers
  • Body Repair & Painting
  • New & Used Sales
  • Tinting & Detailing


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Care, Custody & Control

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Tools & Equipmnet

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Garage Insurance Policy Coverage

A Garage Insruance policy can include the following coverages;

Building Coverage

Tools & Equipment

Commercial General Liability

Non – Owned Auto

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