Are you licensed for a specialized craft or trade? As a contractor you’ve spent countless hours learning and perfecting your skills. Spent thousand of dollars to have the best tools and equipment. Don’t risk it all by not purchasing the proper insurance coverages.

Just like you wouldn’t cut corners for your customers, HWC Insurance won’t cut corners on your insurance coverages. Our team of experienced insurance brokers will provide the policy you need to protect all you’ve worked for, including your independence.

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Did you know?

  • Rented tools or equipment may not be automatically covered.
  • Many policies have coverage limitations for tools left in a vehicle or trailer.
  • You can insured material on the job site but not yet installed.
  • Higher liability limits are not as expensive as you might think.
  • HWC Insurance does not change additional fees to provide Certificates of insurance for your business partners.

Are you a contractor?

A contractor is not limited to building houses. Renovations-big or small, landscaping, or an indepandantly employed trades person are all contractors.

Tools and Equipment

Your home insurance policy will limit coverage for business tools and equipmet. To properly insure your these items, consider a commercial insurance policy.

Installation Floaters

Cover materials delivered to the job site before they are installed.

Liability Coverage

A claim of negligence can drastically harm any business. You should always consider higher liability limits to protect your business.

Contractors Insurance Policy Coverage

There are many types of coverage to consider for Contractors depending on the type of services you provide. Common coverages for most contractors include;

Commercial General Liability

Tools and Equipment

Rented Equipment

Installation Floater

Building with Contents

Equipment Breakdown

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