Understanding Water Coverage on your Property Insurance Policy.

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My broker recommends these coverages but what do they mean?

There are many factors that come into play with water protection in regards to an insurance policy. Water protection against sewer backup and overland water losses is not automatically included in your home policy, these need to be added for an additional premium.  Sewer backup and overland water coverage protect your home and belongings.

According to Economical Insurance, water damage is the leading cause of home insurance claims, making up half of all Economical claims across the country.

Sewer backup coverage:

This coverage would respond in the event water backs up and enters the dwelling through a toilet, sink, bathroom or anything hooked up directly to a drain pipe. A sewer backup usually happens when storm sewers are backed up due to an influx in water. 

Overland Water:

Protects against the sudden accumulation of water above ground that enters your home through the foundation, basement floors or walls. Overland water covers damage caused by overflow of a lake, river or other body of water.

Prevention for sewer backup and overland water losses:

  • Install a sump pump, backwater valve
  • Before the spring snowmelt, ensure your sump pump and backflow systems are functioning properly
  • Installing a battery backup
  • Ensure all downspouts are directed away from your homes foundation.
  • Clean gutters regularly

If you take preventative measures against water claims, such as installing a backwater valve, battery backup or water alarm, some insurers will offer a discount on your property insurance policy. Contact your broker to find out more.