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Have questions about your insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic? We hope to be able to answer them here. If you can’t find your answer, please call us at 226-667-4921.

1. Can I still make changes to my policy?

We may have closed our doors to visitors but our staff is still available to service your insurance needs by phone or email.

To contact your broker please visit https://www.hwcinsurance.ca/staff-directory/ for their extensions and email addresses.

2. What if I cannot make a payment right now?

Our insurers are working hard to help vulnerable customers during these trying times.

To find out how your insurer is helping you regarding your policy payment, please contact our office in advance of your payment.

3. Can I come in and pay my bill?

Our doors are closed however you can still make your payments.

Payment can still be made directly to your insurer by credit either on their website or by phone.

You can also make a payment to HWC using your mobile banking or telephone banking. If you’re not sure how to send an e-transfer, call your bank and they can assist you.

To make a payment to HWC please e-transfer your funds to info@hwcinsurance.ca. For help making a payment please contact your broker.

4. What if I need a liability slip?

If you have a smart phone, HWC has the ability to send you with an electronic liability slip directly to you email, you can then place the electronic slip in your digital wallet.

We can also email a copy of your liability slip for you to print at your home. If you do not have a printed don’t worry, we have access to our printers and we can send one in the mail for you.

To get your electronic liability slip, please contact your broker.

5. Can I still buy insurance?

Of course! Our office doors might be closed but we remain fully operational to continue to conduct business. If you would like a quote please call 226-667-4921 or return to our homepage to fill out a quote request and one of our brokers will get back to you in a timely fashion.