Recreational vehicle Insurance.

Recreational vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles are great fun to ride either around your property, or through the woods at the cottage. Just like your car or truck, recreational vehicles need to be insured as well.

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Should you Insure your Recreational Vehicle?

  • Do you operate it on property that you do not own such as crown land?
  • Like auto insurance, a Recreational Vehicle policy includes Accident Benefits coverages for injuries that can occur.
  • Are you worried about your vehicle getting stolen? Home insurance does not provide coverage for Recreational Vehicles.
  • Recreational vehicle insurance also gives you the option to purchase collision coverage, which protects you in the event of an accident.

Know the Law

Some municipalities in Ontario permit the use recreational vehicles on regular roadways, and some do not. Make sure you check local regulations before riding.

Protect Yourself

Always wear a helmet and protective clothing. Many serious or fatal accidents could have been prevented with the appropriate riding gear. Remeber, you are not the only one on the trail, be cautious of other riders.


ATVs and snowmobiles are being stolen at an alarming rate in Southwestern Ontario and few are ever recovered. Make sure yours are safely stored and properly insured.

What does your coverage come with?

A Recreational Vehicle policy includes the same standard coverages as your regular auto insurance policy such as;

  • Third Party Liability – covers damage caused to other people and property and also payments for medical care
  • Accident Benefits – covers benefits like medical rehab, income replacement, and funeral expenses.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – includes hit and run drivers and people that do not have sufficient insurance coverage for your claims. Your insurance company will pay the difference, so you will not have to suffer.
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage – pays for your vehicle repairs if you are not, or only partially at fault, for an accident. Your DCPD will pay that portion.
  • Comprehensive – will pay for theft, fire, glass breakage, and vandalism. It also will cover instances like tree limbs falling on the vehicle.(Optional)
  • Collision – pays for your vehicle repairs should you be at fault.(Optional)

Policy premiums are often based on the vehicle’s value and size of the engine.


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